There have been many first hand accounts of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in various places. 115 11 9 tracks. by chemistbot. After the timeskip and his reappearance as a one-eyed ghoul, his physical appearance is drastically altered. If I could, I'd want to turn time back. After going against Aogiri and killing Tatara, Takizawa reunited with Akira Mado, and became a member of Ken Kaneki's organization, Goat. They seem to share a good relationship as they are both one-eyed ghouls and former classmates of the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. He deeply admired Amon and had been quite the fan of him prior to being assigned to the 20th ward. [12], After the operation and award ceremony, Takizawa congratulated Amon on his promotion to First Class and praised him for achieving such a high rank at such a young age. Although things have changed, people are still prejudiced against ghouls. Enraged, he charged forward and hoisted Takizawa up by his shirt, demanding to know if he was Houji's subordinate and whether he has someone named Yan in his custody. Retaining a stubborn attitude, she told Touka that in no way could she feel positively towards ghouls, even if they were children. The two had worked together for years and admired each other as fine investigators. [22], "Haise. Despite all the drastic changes however, displayed during the events of the Rushima Landing Operation, deep down he still remains the same: insecure and desperate for praise. Takizawa Seidou by Slenderhand on DeviantArt. [21], In the following spring at the promotion ceremony, Akira congratulated her squad on their new ranks and noted it to be rare having First Class investigators at Sasaki's age. [30], While Tatara fought Houji in his kakuja form, Takizawa interfered with Tatara and saved Houji from getting burnt by Tatara's kakuja while he laughed. Seidou Takizawa's birthday illustration in the Tokyo Ghoul Flip Calendar. However, she shields the killing blow meant for him with her own body. Takizawa managed to overwhelm Tatara, blasting ukaku shards at him and striking his abdomen until Tatara spewed fire all over him. The two conversed, and Kaneki thanked Takizawa for saving Amon, though Takizawa claimed he did not do it for him. He has notably adopted several of her mannerisms, including her nickname for Hinami and some of the philosophies she has previously expressed. [33] While Akira was collapsed on the ground, the Quinx Squad arrived and Amon told Seidou to take Akira and leave. Hinami managed to fend off Takizawa's attacks and surprised him by suddenly going to the offensive, she lashed at him with her kagune, injuring him and severing his right hand. "[26] As the team came across Naoto Hayashimura, he ambushed them and was amused when Sasaki managed to partially deflect his kick. Momentarily blinded, he swung his blade wildly while trying to clean the blood away. He interrupted her by complimenting her cooking, which she noted was strange and bothered him about not having a girlfriend to take care of him. He ended up sacrificing himself trying to protect Amon, showing great loyalty to his friend. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. He refers to her in a disrespectful fashion, amused at her sneaky behavior in setting up an encounter between two of Kanou's experiments. With custom cuts and independent designs, deck out your iPad in style. [22] The fight continued, as Takizawa quickly reflected Amon with his shards. When Shimoguchi brushed Sasaki off when congratulated on being released from the hospital, Akira told Sasaki that it was only natural for him to feel that way after having teammates killed. Though she maintains a stoic front concerning his passing, when intoxicated, she breaks down in tears over the loss. Upon realizing who the other man actually is, he targets him and becomes more conversational. Sasaki ordered the others to escape, allowing them to radio command about the new ghoul. The latter called Amon a fool, while allegedly claiming to only care about his life. Amon managed to stop them, berating them for their behavior and refocused their attention on their cases. ", To Takizawa While Drunk: "Takizawa ~ maybe you see me as your sworn enemy but you know? You were always ahead of me in practical skills, classroom learning, and assignments... but I'm going to achieve more than anyone else and climb to the top! Though told he would be taking part in the combat operation, this time, Takizawa was visibly distressed and not comforted by Houji's attempts to reassure him. Houji listened in with a pained expression, but said nothing as Akira said to have liked them both. He expressed his desire to be promoted quickly, only to be countered by Akira stating that promotion should not be an investigator's goal. He looks more monotone and frightening. After some time, she finally managed to wound Miza and cause her to retreat. During the raid of Kanou's lab, Akira tells Amon that Maris Stella is back home waiting for her, seeing her cat as a source of motivation. They dodged and responded with a double X-shaped cut to the chest. During the CCG Lab Raid, however, Takizawa was determined to bring his former comrade back to his senses. Dr. Kanou is the man responsible for Takizawa's transformation, considering him a successful attempt to "recreate" Kaneki. His position as Houji's subordinate and partner made him the focus of Tatara's hatred, leading to his near-fatal maiming by Noro. Akira was assigned as the subordinate to Koutarou Amon,[6] who had participated during the investigation of the Binge Eater. He sampled the blood that splashed across his cheek and was amazed at how delicious it is. [25] He began to talk to the two survivors, explaining to them the reason for their fear and his significantly altered mindset. "— Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115 Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. It seems to be an average weapon, with no special attributes displayed. However, Naki injured Akira with a powerful kick and took a bite from her leg.[7]. At the meeting of the 20th ward's investigators, he was shocked to see his former classmate, Akira, had transferred into the department. [50], His whereabouts after the dragon battle are unknown. She inquires about Akira's whereabouts after her disappearance from Rushima, stating that her parents wouldn't be too pleased if she did indeed shield a ghoul. While speaking with her, he addresses himself as "big brother," and readily attacks her when she refuses to allow him to kill Sasaki. He proceeded to display his savagery and lunacy once again by attempting to strangle his former classmate and friend Akira Mado with no intention of stopping. Takizawa wounds Amon by stabbing through his own body. After the raid on Dr. Kanou's lab, late one evening Takizawa and Amon discussed the findings from the operation. [29] He and Shikorae pursued the escaping Hachikawa Squad. To Takizawa's horror, Akira accepted the invitation to join them. Motivated by this, he decided to become an investigator and enlisted in the Academy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Akira Mado (真戸 暁, Mado Akira) is a former Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator, the mentor of Haise Sasaki and the daughter of Kureo Mado and Kasuka Mado who was previously partnered with Koutarou Amon. Koori Ui and Take Hirako discussed the discrepancies in the official reports, noting that many investigators declared dead were never recovered. Akira prepared to regroup with the surviving investigators but was shaken when Sasaki being tortured by an unknown attacker was broadcast throughout the area. A classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy, he was partnered with Kousuke Houji and assigned to the 20th ward to investigate the Gourmet. He snatched away Juuzou's snack and began to berate him, but was silenced by a punch to the nose and spent the rest of the meeting sulking in his seat. Takizawa was ranked seventeenth in the latest character popularity poll. His new state gave him the strength to overwhelm Hinami but he became even more deranged and began to spout nonsensical sentences and repeatedly banged his head against a wall due to the side effects of his incomplete kakuja. [37], Some time later, she awakened from a sleep, which she noted were becoming more frequent. Even so, he found the courage to fight and open fire at the ghouls, killing Tatara's escorts. I can't help it! But she froze in shock, catching sight of his opponent from a distance — her former classmate and coworker, Seidou Takizawa. Right before Mutsuki can land the finishing blow Akira takes the fatal hit much to the astonishment of Takizawa. tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul:re takizawa seidou seiaki akira mado Icon For Hire tokyo ghoul re AWOLNATION Bastille Cold War Kids Crystal Castles Death Spells Flyleaf IAMX Imagine Dragons Les Friction M83 Marina and the Diamonds Mindless Self Indulgence Mother Mother The Hoosiers 'This above all else.' After he loses control, she helps to bring him down and later comforts him, establishing his condition and reassuring him. [36] As Akira's condition grew worse, Takizawa frantically asked if Banjou could do anything to prevent her condition from worsening. Even so, his commitment to his duty and comrades is stronger than any fears or doubts he might bear. They went a bit farther and encountered a playground where ghoul children played. [42] Amon broke the glass and got ready to fight, seemingly berserk and out of his right mind. [43] Kaneki made a brief attempt at reaching him and failed. Once Touka introduced her to Hinami, she let go of her grudge. While thinking about Kaneki, she noticed the Raid should have been barely a month ago. Seidou did, taking Yumitsu Tomoe, and the injured Akira as his hostage, to depart Rushima. Akira fell to the ground, telling Seidou her regrets and cried. [34] As they escaped Rushima, injured Akira was carried by Seidou accompanied with the rest of the Aogiri executives and associates.[35]. Takizawa's early life was very average, the older of two children in a normal family. 272 18 10 tracks. His nickname was "Father". She later arrived at the scene where Sasaki was going mentally and physically out of control. Though a great admirer of outstanding investigators such as Koutarou Amon and Kishou Arima, he also suffers from a major inferiority complex that brought him into conflict with his peers. Takizawa next appeared visiting his family, greeted by his mother and the family's dog, Rocky. This time, I was included as a member of a large suppression operation. He lashed out at the caller, calling them a "bastard" and demanding to know who was interrupting his great "battle against Destiny." Akira was a human. What you two are afraid of is... what is different from yourselves. This comment caused Ayato to charge him, with Tatara stepping in before a fight could start. Amon continued shooting, unfazed, while Takizawa landed on the wall. She told him that, even though he retained his memories, he could never again be the investigator she raised and grew fond of. He ran a Catholic orphanage in Japan. [35], He was present with Banjou as the latter was attempting to heal Akira. He then thrashed Sasaki around, brutally launching him into various areas of the auction hall, in which he continuously chanted that Sasaki was weak. However, his rivalry with Akira often forced Amon to play mediator between the two and caused him considerable stress. During Shirazu's funeral, Akira comforted a crying Saiko, telling her to let it all out. Akira and Houji have worked together in the past prior to her assignment to the 20th ward. When Akira shields Takizawa from being killed by Mutsuki, Mutsuki pierces her repeatedly while calling her out for violating the ghoul countermeasures act, showing no qualms in hurting his superior. your own Pins on Pinterest As they ate their lunches together, Hide pressed Takizawa to discuss his troubles — expressing particular interest in Akira because of her beauty. Before too long, Amon realized that both Takizawa and Akira had too much to drink. [34] He was with Amon's group while in his way out of the island, holding Akira. I can't spout pretty words about justice like you can. Jul 12, 2019 - Amon&Akira&Seidou from Amon Koutarou | Амон Котаро | Tokyo ghoul, 23 photos Got that? [46], Takizawa approached Kaneki after Kichimura Washuu's display of public execution of a fake Kaneki. A murdering traitor like me? Takizawa attended a meeting of Aogiri's prominent members, seated alone in a corner of the greenhouse. Seidou Takizawa died in that prison. Houji was keenly aware of his many doubts and insecurities, offering advice or reassurance to him. Takizawa states that life is full of surprises, and that he had come to return something to Amon - being the latter's chain necklace. Claiming that he has completed his job, Takizawa declared that he would go on to live his own life, leaving Goat to live as a normal ghoul. She reminded Sasaki that Kishou Arima had requested to see him. He enjoys causing others physical or psychological pain, taunting them and giving them lectures on the philosophies he has learned from Aogiri. He then activated his kagune and referred to Amon, Kurona's and his own positions as misfits that should stick together.[44]. A classmate of Akira Mado at … In terms of his feelings concerning other ghouls and himself, he comments at finding the idea of ghouls having affection for each other comical. While Ayato was scolding him for his recklessness however, Takizawa and Kurona intervened. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. She then gave Sasaki a "Mado Punch" in the gut to keep him in check. Mutsuki prepared to stab him again, but Akira leaped between the combatants and shielded Takizawa while he looks on in shock. In truth, he remained deeply attached to his former superior and craved his approval. Amongst them were Tsukiyama, the Gourmet ghoul, and Naki, a member of Aogiri Tree. SIGN IN. His mother doted on him, fussing about him being single and teasing him about his attractive classmate, Akira Mado, while Takizawa made the decision to become an investigator to protect her. She noticed Seidou, who was ranked second, looking at the scores, and he sent her an angry look and said congratulations that she accepted with a thanks. Takizawa is extremely devoted to his family, with a normal relationship with them. Though he talks himself up, in reality he holds considerable doubts about his abilities when it comes to actual combat. Naki recognized her from their prior encounter at Dr. Kanou's lab, and the two fought. However, his rivalry with Akira Mado tends to bring out the worst in him and they are rarely able to interact without bickering. Akira loves spicy food, especially curry. [47], Takizawa approached Yumitsu Tomoe, who appeared to be starving. With Amon nearly defeated, Takizawa tosses the necklace to Amon and questions why he would still wear it. 3. I am Mado Akira, second-class investigator. I won't take back the crimes I've committed. At the end of the Owl Suppression Operation, he faced Tatara together with Koutarou Amon and was subsequently reported dead by the CCG. Takizawa began talking again, recalling his past feelings of inferiority and resentment for having always second best. [49] As Amon continues to get thrashed around by Donato, Takizawa explained that Amon couldn't kill Donato as it would leave him empty inside. Alright, king of the sheep? Akira Mado (真戸 暁, Mado Akira) is a First-Class Ghoul Investigator and Kureo's daughter. Her death has affected Akira greatly. Both his mother and Hide tease him about her, though he protests the idea of dating his rival. [41] They immediately set off and, after a brief reconnaissance of the room by Ayato, they captured all the doctors inside. His torture would eventually shatter his mind and diminish his life span. [12], Akira was first spotted at the curry restaurant, having naan. Akira mentors and supervises her underling Urie, giving him advice on using quinques and tips on being a ghoul investigator. He refused to do the same for Juuzou, bitterly noting they were now the same rank. Akira was subsequently operated by the members of the Great Wheel Act and recovered completely. The two admire, as well as acknowledge, each other's skills and achievements. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Urie showed disbelief at Mutsuki's claim that Akira shielded a ghoul, and reaffirmed that Akira was their superior. Touka confesses that she will be too scared to meet Akira at all if Amon does not do it first. After his transformation into a half-ghoul and torture at the hands of Akihiro Kanou, his personality changed drastically. [25], An unknown period of time later, the squad was radioed by Suzuya Squad, who were preparing to join the attack against Tatara. Their battle demolishes the Grand Hall, while Takizawa rambled about eating his parents and screaming nonsense. Akira was still in a comatose state due to injuries she received during the raid on Rushima. They discussed Juuzou's unwillingness to visit Shinohara in the hospital, and Takizawa praised Houji as an investigator of incredible skill. Of the sixty-three investigators subjected to the ghoulification process, he was the only one considered a successful product. He is quickly pinned down by multiple tails, and stomped on to further stun him. They seemed to have a good relationship, frequently having dinner together after working late. He is very excitable, both in terms of stuttering in excitement or becoming high-strung when agitated. I'm such a clown.". So you were the kokaku type. Two teams were made, one to assist the CCG in dealing with the Clowns and another to infiltrate the CCG facilities and steal Rc suppressants for Akira. In the time following his initial transformation, Takizawa was repeatedly subjected to extensive torture at the hands of Dr. Kanou. When she first heard about him, she felt misgivings concerning rumors of him being different but over the years, they have developed a close bond. Ver más ideas sobre tokyo ghoul, tokio, anime. Being second is just a consolation for the loser. She was hugged first by them and finally by Hinami. Daddy! In the aftermath Takizawa held Akira up in the air, choking her, while expressing his wish to be regarded as a hero for killing Tatara and saving the CCG with tears overflowing his face. Goat is a powerful Ghoul Organization led by a Ghoul capable of defeating the likes of Eto Yoshimura and Kishou Arima and several executives which are rated at least with an S-Rating. [7], As the battle seemed to be winding down, he was surprised to receive news that Juuzou had been wounded in combat. He complained about being forced to stay behind in the 20th ward, noting that he was always second best. It's nice to meet you, Top-class investigator, Amon-Dono.". Seidou Takizawa as the Joker in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck. He takes pleasure in killing, and expresses a belief in conquering fear through becoming the very monster one fears. You're scared because you're a living person. Akira deeply cares for her underling Saiko and looks after her wellbeing, even telling her not to eat too much.

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