Chers amis, en raison de la situation épidémique difficile, la livraison mondiale peut prendre plus de deux mois. Before starting this quest, it may be a good idea to make yourself a lot of strong restore health and strong restore magicka potions. The ring can temporarily give the gift of Lycanthropy to the wearer, and allows lycanthropes to control their transformations. He responded that he alone would survive this Hunt, and that it was his birthright to do so. 82 Condition: New. In return, a worshipper of Hircine gave the ring to the agent. You can leave Carius early in the outer ring if you come too close to the center area (e.g. However, Jump magic works, allowing you to reach the top of many ledges (this is about the only way to make much use of ranged attacks in this maze). When I came to my senses, I found myself in a chamber deep in the heart of the Mortrag Glacier, the Daedra Lord Hircine before me. The farmer begged the Forgotten Hero to let him keep the ring, as it helps his son control his curse, but stories conflict on what was ultimately decided on. Upon contacting Hircine, the Dragonborn learned that the Prince would not forgive Sinding's betrayal, and would conduct a Great Hunt where he would task hunters with killing and skinning him in return for the Savior's Hide. 70: On the corpse of Heart-Fang, I have found the second key to allow me to proceed through this maze. Hircine will send you on a new task which will take you to a cave called the 'Border cave' to kill a hunter. "Hunt of Hircine" is a massive mod that has many purposes. Kill him, retrieve the key and receive "Hircine's Ring." Recommended gear includes multiple powerful weapons; your best armor (do not be concerned about weight—this is not a looting quest—but do be concerned about items that break easily); a large stock of fortification and recovery potions and items; numerous repair hammers; filled, high-end soul gems sufficient to replenish magic gear several times over; and a weapon capable of Paralysis (the Steel Jinkblade of the Aegis is handy for its unusually lengthy 20 second effect—especially if you have more than one or have a lot of soul gems). A simple retexture of Frostmoon rings to Hircine Ring by MadMansGun. Even if you cannot turn into a werewolf, because you cured the disease before (or due to being a vampire), you can simply pickpocket the key from Tharsten, in which case you again will not get Hircine's Ring. Hircine has accepted my choice, and tells me that for me to face the Daedra Lord himself in battle would not be sporting. The page is being rewritten and checked in several stages. See the Hircine's Hunt quest for more information. Hircine will be shocked that you've won and vows to return in force for another Hunt. You are then teleported to Mortrag Glacier into the presence of a Daedric Prince named Hircine (a.k.a. You go to sleep in your house in the village (or anywhere else for that matter) but are awakened suddenly by several werewolves surrounding your bed. He believes we should work together to fight Hircine. Morrowind:Fargoth's Ring. BM_ring_hircine: Hircine's Ring: keening: Keening: mazed_band_end: Barilzar's Mazed Band: moon_and_star: Moon-and-Star: nerevarblade_01: Trueflame (without flame) nerevarblade_01_flame : Trueflame(with flame) shadow_shield: Shadow Shield: sunder: Sunder: Sword of Almalexia: Hopesfire: wraithguard: Wraithguard right: wraithguard_jury_rig: Wraithguard left: Contributed By: … Silver weapons do double damage against werewolves, but they are weak weapons as a class, so it may still be less damage than that dealt by various higher-end weapons.

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