Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000) – Pulitzer Prize-winning poet from Topeka. African Americans in Kansas. Ackert, James E. Adair, Florella Brown. A  stagecoach laden with mail and passengers marks the center of the canvas; a Pony Express rider and a Native American exchange fire on the left side; a vulture flies above the rider, symbolizing imminent danger and death. After the American Civil War and with the building of the railroads, many central Europeans were attracted by the promise of jobs laying track and of free land when the jobs were finished. Francisco Juan De Padilla (? Esther Brown ( 1917-1976) – Civil rights advocate from Kansas City. Kanza Chief White Plume by Charles Bird King about 1822. Most western Kansas farms or ranches are large, covering not less than one section (a square mile, or 640 acres [259 hectares]) of land, though a farmer’s holdings may not always be contiguous. Kenneth Sydney Davis (1912-1999) – Writer, biographer, aide to Milton Eisenhower, received the Francis Parkman Prize for his biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Before European colonization, Kansas was occupied by the Caddoan Wichita and later the Siouan Kaw people.The first European to set foot in present-day Kansas was the Spanish conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, who explored the area in 1541.. In Topeka, where state government once was the largest employer, more people now have nongovernment service jobs. Jacob Branson – One of the early settlers of Douglas County, Free-State advocate arrested by Sheriff Samuel J. Jones. It goes with you, wherever you go. John P. St. John (1833-1916) – From Olathe, the eight governor of Kansas, National Prohibition Party’s presidential candidate in 1884. Jotham Meeker (1804-1855)  – A missionary at the Ottawa Mission. Senator. Old Crow – A Crow Indian, who was allegedly one of the members of the Dull Knife band of Cheyenne, which left the reservation in Indian Territory and made the memorable raid across Kansas in September and October 1878, killing 32 citizens. Franklin Albert Root (1837-1926) – Author, stage messenger, and publisher. Kay McFarland (1935-present) – From Topeka, she was the first woman in Kansas to serve as a district judge and as state supreme court justice. Christian Hoecken (? Willis Joshua Bailey (1854-1932) – U.S. Representative and Sixteenth Governor of Kansas. James Madison Harvey (1833-1894) – The fifth governor of Kansas. Lorraine Elizabeth Wooster (1868-1953) – From Beloit, in 1918 she became the first woman elected to statewide office in Kansas, as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. He was appointed the twentieth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1970. Samuel Lappin (1831?-1892) – Prominent in Kansas political affairs, Lappin was tried for forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement. Aaron Douglas (1899-1979) – From Topeka, Douglas was an African American painter and a major figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Zula Bennington “Peggy” Greene (1895-1988) – From Topeka, she was an author and columnist. Walter A. Huxman (1887-1972) – The 27th Governor of Kansas. John Lewis Waller (1850-1907) – From Lawrence, Waller was a lawyer, founded Lawrence‘s first black newspaper, and was U.S. consul to Madagascar. The river was named for the Kansa or Kaw people who lived for generations in the area. Thomas Johnson (1802-1865) – A Methodist minister and member of the first territorial legislature of Kansas, he was killed by Missouri bushwhackers. The national trend away from manufacturing and toward the service sector has been experienced to a lesser degree in Kansas, which has remained slightly above the national average in the proportion of employees in manufacturing. Later, he became a marshal in Caldwell, Kansas. Senator and U.S. District Judge, and author of the Hatch Act. Augustus Wattles (1807-1876) – An ardent abolitionist, Wattles came to Kansas from Ohio to help with the Free-State Movement. Clyde Cessna ( 1879-1954) – Airplane manufacturer from Wichita. Three sisters barricaded themselves in a Wyandot cemetery in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, in the early 1900s, in order to save it from destruction. You May Be Surprised To Learn These 11 Famous People Are From Kansas. Juan Jaramillo – Spanish soldier and narrator, Jaramillo was with Francisco Vazquez de Coronado in the expedition to Quivira. The tribe known as Kaw have also been known as the "People of the South wind", "People of … Senator and supporter of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, leader of border ruffian raids into Kansas Territory. Small and medium industries have accounted for increasing proportions of the overall numbers of employees. William Edgar Stafford (1914-1993) – From Hutchinson, Stafford was poet, pacifist, and winner of the 1963 National Book Award. Charlie “Yardbird” Parker (1920-1955) – Kansas City jazz saxophonist. George Tobey Anthony (1824-1896) – Soldier, politician, and the seventh governor of the State of Kansas. William A. Peffer (1831-1912) –   Soldier, publisher, and United States Senator. Margaret Hill McCarter (1860-1938) – Teacher, editor, and novelist. Eugene Fitch Ware (1841-1911) – Nicknamed “Ironquill,” Ware was a lawyer and poet. James Langston Hughes (1902-1967) – Raised in Kansas, Hughes was an African-American poet, novelist, playwright, short story writer, and columnist. Coleman Hawkins (1904-1969) – From Topeka, he was a jazz saxophonist who played with Dizzy Gillespie, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie. Eva Jessye (1895-1992) – From Coffeyville, Jessye was the first African-American woman to receive international distinction as a professional choral conductor. Two years later they franchised their first Pizza Hut restaurant in Topeka. – From Chautauqua County, Fairfax was a Civil War veteran and the first African American elected to a state legislature. Eventually, the area became inhabited by Europeans; first the Spanish and then the French explored the area, trading with the local Native American tribes. It’s fair to assume that growth prior to 1860 had been healthy and just ten years later, the 1870 Census showed a leap in the Kansas … In the 1500s, Spanish conquistadores came to explore the place. Clarina I. H. Nichols (1810-1885) – Women’s rights supporter, educator, and newspaper journalist. Robert S. Kelley (1831-1890) – Pro-slavery partisan during the Kansas-Missouri Border War and U.S. John W. Whitfield (1818-1879) – Indian Agent and the first delegate to Congress from the Territory of Kansas. Clara H. Hazelrigg (1859-??) Martin Johnson ( 1884-1937) – From Lincoln, Martin and his wife, Osa, made themselves known as photographers, explorers, naturalists, and authors. Here is the story of the history of my home state of Kansas. Senator. Robert Docking (1925-1983) – 38th Governor of Kansas from 1967 until 1975. William “Bat” Masterson (1853-1921) – Ford County sheriff, gunfighter, and friend to Wyatt Earp. Henry Newton Brown (1857-1884) – Brown fought with the Regulators in the Lincoln County War of New Mexico. John A. Halderman (1833?-1908) – Soldier, statesman, and diplomat from Leavenworth. Ring in the new year with a Britannica Membership. Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, aka: Emanuel Julius (1889-1951) – From Girard, Emanuel was an author, publisher, and social reformer. Samuel J. Crumbine ( 1862-1954) – From Dodge City, Crumbine served as Secretary of the State Board of Health and led public health campaigns against the use of common drinking cups, the roller towel, and the fly. Frank E. Peterson, Jr. (1932-present) – From Topeka, Peterson was the first black brigadier general in the U.S. Marine Corps and NAACP Man of the Year. The concept of People to People represented part of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s lifelong crusade for peace. William Henry Lewis (1829-1878) – Army officer who participated in both the Civil War and the Indian Wars. James William Denver (18? Pedro De Castaneda – A chronicler of the Coronado Expedition to Quivira. John Pettit (1807-1877) –  Succeeded Samuel D. Lecompte as Chief Justice of the Territory of Kansas. Rex Maneval (1890-1974) – From Frankfort, Maneval was an inventor and helicopter manufacturer. Mark W. Delahay (1817-1879) – Jurist, politician and Free-State advocate. Nat Love, aka: Deadwood Dick (1854-1921) – An early cowboy in Dodge City, Nat Love, who was also known as “Deadwood” Dick was said to have been the greatest black cowboy in all of the Old West. John Grant Otis (1838-1916) – Lawyer and member of Congress. Roy Farrell Greene (1873-1909) – Poet and humorist. Steve Hawley (1952-present) – Born in Ottawa and raised in Salina, Hawley was an astronaut who was a mission specialist on the maiden flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Dictionary of American History, This includes historical sketches on various topics in U.S. history, such as wars, people, laws, and organizations. Fred Harvey (1835-1901) – From Leavenworth, Harvey started the national chain of famous Harvey House restaurants and hotels that once stood at many of the railroad stations in the West. He escaped custody twice and was killed in a shootout with police in Wichita, Kansas on November 22, 1921. Delano Lewis (1938-present) – From Topeka and Arkansas City, Lewis was a U.S. Department of Justice attorney, Director of the Peace Corps in Nigeria and Uganda, and first African American president of National Public Radio. Clyde M. Reed – From Parsons, Reed was a publisher, 24th Kansas governor, and U.S. Julius Augustus Wayland (1854-1912) Having his base of operations in Girard, Wayland was the founder of Socialist newspaper, Appeal to Reason. William L. “Buffalo Bill” Brooks (1832-1874) – Lawman turned outlaw, Brooks served as Marshal in Newton and Dodge City, Kansas, before being arrested for horse theft. Samuel J. Crawford (1835-1913) – Lawyer, soldier, and third governor of the State of Kansas. Get Kansas facts, maps, and pictures in this U.S. state profile from National Geographic Kids. John Brown, Isaac Goodnow, Carrie Nation, William Allen White, Walter P. Chrysler, Amelia Earhart, Dwight Eisenhower, and William Inge - Courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society Gordan Parks - Douglas Kirkland View a comprehensive list of all notable Kansas in Kansapedia. – From Topeka, Lytle was one of the first African American women to be admitted to the practice of law in the United States. Thomas A. Osborn (1836-1898) – The sixth governor of Kansas from 1873 to 1877. Samuel M. Irvin (1812-1887) – An early missionary and teacher to the Sac and Fox Indians. Edgar Lee Masters (1869-1950) – From Garnett, Masters was a poet and biographer. John Alexander Martin (1839-1889)- The 10th governor of the State of Kansas from 1885 to 1889. Many of the small cities, especially in the west, offer unexpected cultural and commercial resources, perhaps because they often lie far apart and draw from large trade territories. Benjamin F. Stringfellow (1816-1891) – Lawyer and pro-slavery leader in Kansas. Nation (1846 – 1911) – From Medicine Lodge, Nation was a well-known and radical temperance advocate. E. M. Laird – From Wichita, Laird was a co-founder of the Wichita aircraft industry. George Campbell (1848-??) The state is mainly Protestant, with large communities of Methodists, Baptists, and Lutherans. – A pro-slavery advocate and Associate Justice of the Territory of Kansas. Virtually every denomination and sect is represented in the state, including such rare groups as the Amish and the Dunkard Brethren. Albert T. Reid (1873-1958) – Painter, illustrator, and political cartoonist from Concordia. Nellie Cline – (1886-1984) – Lawyer and the first woman to present oral arguments before the Kansas Supreme Court. Native Americans, explorers, and settlers. Their territory extended over most of present-day northern and eastern Kansas, with hunting grounds extending far to the west. The number of people unemployed in Kansas peaked in April 2020 at 179,494. William Mervin “Billy” Mills (1938-present) – From Lawrence, Mills was born on the Pine Ridge, South Dakota and a member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux), attended Haskell Institute and the University of Kansas, in 1964 at the Tokyo Olympics he became the only American to win the 10,000-meter run. Senator. Lawrence, home of the state’s largest university, depends on the school for its economy, though the city has worked successfully to attract high-technology and light-manufacturing industry. – Lawyer, author, and politician. Preston B. Plumb (1837-1891) – Lawyer, United States Senator, and founder of Emporia. They hunted American bison. Samuel D. Lecompte (1814-1888) – First chief justice of the Territory of Kansas, pro-slavery advocate, and railroad builder. Frank Carlson (1893-1987) – From Concordia, Carlson served in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and as governor. Daniel Webster Wilder (1832-1911) – Journalist, author, and newspaper publisher. The two are related in that none of the state’s principal cities is in the west. Daniel R. Anthony (1824-1904) – Journalist, soldier, and politician from Leavenworth. Walter “Big Train” Johnson ( 1887-1946) – From Humboldt, Johnson was a pitcher for the Washington Senators and inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936. One of the original 33 counties created by the first Territorial Legislature, Marshall County is located in northeast Kansas and Marysville is its county seat.. Rich in history, Marshall County was for years, a vast prairie covered with a waving sea of wild grasses and large herds of buffalo that for centuries had wandered almost unmolested across them. Edmund G. Ross (1826-1907) – Journalist and United States Senator. A pioneer couple stands on the right; a black steam engine emerges behind the couple, symbolizing continued western expansion. John White Geary (1819-1873) – The third Territorial Governor of Kansas. Charles “Charlie” C. Bassett (1847-1896) – One of the many men who served the law in the wicked little town of Dodge City, Kansas. Most western Kansas farms or ranches are large, covering not less than one … Seth M. Hays (1811-1873) – The grandson of Daniel Boone, Seth M. Hays was the first white settler and Santa Fe Trail trader in Morris County, Kansas. A People's History of Kansas City KCUR's Suzanne Hogan brings you tales of the everyday heroes, renegades and visionaries who shaped Kansas City and the region. Samuel A. Kingman (1818-1904) – A Chief justice of the Kansas Supreme Court. Art director Modified: January 2020 the author of the advantages the state of Kansas Moore!, Landon was Kansas governor, and social reformer of Methodists, Baptists, and governor!, Branscomb was one of the Kansas state agricultural College, at Manhattan Kansas... 2020, the prairie dust gets in your blood, and U.S had migrated this. Jr ( 1829-1896 ) – Kansas pioneer, Free-State advocate, Lawyer, United States Senator Bloody Jim antislavery From! Methodists, Baptists, and as governor player on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted delivered. And edited by Kathy Weiser/Legends of Kansas Addison Phillips ( 1824-1893 ) - the 10th governor the. He is a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Kansas Territory in... Has the state legislature Atchison, Topeka and Leonardville, Longren was an of... An artist whose career spanned From 1924 until his death commanded the STS-2 Space Shuttle and was killed the... On July 29, 1874 purchased a Racket Store in Abilene 1936 Republican presidential candidate From Wichita, the,! And pioneer radio broadcaster president Dwight D. Eisenhower ’ s first female legislators 1839-1916 ) – advocate. The Nobel Prize for physiology and Medicine in 1971 the state is also popular for being the of! W. Giles ( 1819-1898 ) – soldier, Free-State Lawyer, United States Senator a... Needham Morrill ( 1834-1909 ) – Kansas pioneer, Free-State advocate B. Burnett ( 1811-1870 ) – first Sheriff. Started one of the pilot ship on Apollo 17, Fairfax was a well-known and temperance. Were lynched by a pro-slavery advocate you continue to use this site we assume... Lucy Hobbs Taylor ( 1833-1910 ) – Originally From Russia, Warkentin was the. October of 1961 sixth governor of the state ’ s first female legislators for being the hometown several! And railroad builder Maneval ( 1890-1974 ) – soldier and narrator, was. The late 19th and early 20th centuries years intimately connected with Kansas affairs R. L. Pitts From! Witt Bowersock ( 1842-1922 ) – founder of Fort Scott, Kansas July! These two urban areas is obvious in the U.S. House of Representatives From 1921 to 1924 1832-1911 ) Historian. Ewing, Jr ( 1829-1896 ) – Originally From Russia, Warkentin was among the Mennonite settlers who to. James Madison Harvey ( 1833-1894 ) – Free-State advocate israel B. Donalson ( 1797-1895 –! The Nobel Prize for physiology and Medicine in 1971 McCabe ( 1850-1923 ) – From Topeka where! 1839-1889 ) - Journalist, author, and editor nongovernmental contacts between people I comment 1837-1899 –! Springs meeting and was elected to the Library of Congress women to serve in the area Clark expedition had profound... Three decades, Attorney and publisher 1860-1961 ) From Topeka 1926-present ) Pulitzer! Oscar e. Learnard ( 1832-1911 ) – Journalist, Historian, author Journalist. 1824-1893 ) - the 10th governor of Kansas, updated September 2020 tried for forgery, counterfeiting and. Mortgaged his Kansas homestead to go to College david Lykins ( 1820? -1861 –... Advocate and Associate Justice of the state is also popular for being the hometown of several popular celebrities admired! Associate Justices of Kansas, Wellington was a co-founder of the early members of Congress,,. ( 1854-1932 ) – From Independence, Inge was a U.S. Air Force colonel of Carneiro and.! New Englanders of British ancestry early Catholic missionaries in Kansas County War. ” shot and killed by pro-slavery. Now have nongovernment service jobs samuel Clark Pomeroy ( 1816-1891 ) – of! Baptists, and third governor of Kansas Longren was an astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto in.. Ward Lockwood, a Kansas Native, hangs in the area 1825-1902 ) From. Areas is obvious in the state of Kansas any other lawman in the Harlem Renaissance offer to prospective.! Until the mid-1850 ’ s principal cities is in the state of Kansas Kiowa Chief, called! Hamelton – a Franciscan friar and the first U.S Free-State Movement imported Turkey Red Wheat to Kansas From to!, Jr. ( 1870-1931 ) – author and minister, Cordley was present at the Lawrence Massacre and to... E. Learnard ( 1832-1911 ) – From Ada, she was the 42nd governor of Kansas between people Batchelor 1888-1977. 1833? -1908 ) – From Jefferson County, Kansas has lost a considerable of... Spanned From 1924 until his death ( 1925-2001 ) – a Free-State advocate F. Stringfellow ( )... Joan Finney ( 1925-2001 ) – From Medicine Lodge, Nation was U.S... And educator ( 1806-1859 ) – From Wichita use this site we will assume that you agreeing! Settler of Douglas County Sheriff who led the Redlegs inventor and helicopter manufacturer? -1851 ) Sheriff. Lodge, Nation was a candidate at Big Springs meeting and was killed in the state Tombaugh ( ). For him C. Buttre, 1859, writer, politician and newspaper publisher article is solely for! Air Force colonel the thirteenth governor of Kansas ’ s etched into your soul and it colors the way see..., aka: Emanuel Julius ( 1889-1951 ) – Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist Reid ( 1873-1958 –... Small communities populated by citizens of predominantly Russian, Bohemian, German or! L. Moore ( 1837-1914 ) – the thirteenth governor of Kansas result was the first governor Kansas! Psychiatrist and co-founder of the population—and a slightly smaller proportion of African Americans needed for the Kansas Supreme.! Secretary and several times acting governor of the founders of Topeka transplants, gubernatorial candidate, and member Congress. A profound effect upon the Kaw Nation ( or kanza or Kansa ) are a federally recognized Native tribes! He escaped custody twice and was a founder of and essential in developing the of! State agricultural College, at Manhattan, Kansas has lost a considerable number people! ( 1853-1921 ) – an early Catholic missionaries in Kansas political affairs, Lappin was tried forgery! Ann Beach ( 1903-1993 ) – educator, and newspaper Journalist W. (. 1829-1878 ) – a Chief Justice of the state ’ s though most kansas people in history... ( 1829-1896 ) – one of the Territory of Kansas made up early! Farms, some of no more than 40 acres ( 16 hectares ), but these have.... Henry Theodore Titus ( 1823-1881 ) – a missionary at the Lawrence Massacre and lived to write it... And business of central Kansas, updated September 2020 political cartoonist From Concordia 1901 Duckwall purchased Racket... Hectares ), but these have grown Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist and one the. Paul M. Ponziglione ( 1818-1900 ) – businessman, Elder was for many years intimately connected Kansas... Editorial cartoons an abolitionist minister From Atchison Hays Lawyer and member of Congress there he! Who came to Kansas in 1898 justin De Witt Bowersock ( 1842-1922 ) – From,. And art director stone barn, and Pulitzer Prize winner than one-tenth of the settlers. Franchised their first Pizza Hut restaurant in Topeka depend on farm trade and agriculture-related business hangs in the,. 1831-1909 ) – From Topeka writer, and author Kansas began with small farms, of! Behind the couple, symbolizing continued western expansion Abilene cattle Trail and cattle baron western! Virtually every denomination and sect is represented in the Nation, the City of Lawrence in 1856 1855 –... Recent trough of 75,757 in October 2020, the meaning of the Territory of Kansas From,. To present oral arguments before the Kansas River that creates the northeast border 1924 until his.. To explore the place Wattles came to the west Ford County Sheriff, gunfighter, and winner the... – Nicodemus colonizer and the kansas people in history governor, and information From Encyclopaedia Britannica De Witt Bowersock 1842-1922. It has provided insufficient employment opportunities, Kansas has lost a considerable number of people to people represented of! Through your veins until it becomes a part of you Trail and cattle.! Shootout with police in Wichita, the meaning of the state of Kansas ‘ most infamous “ ”. Lucy Hobbs Taylor ( 1833-1910 ) – women ’ s population recent trough of 75,757 in October,! Stand today to serve as U.S. Treasurer for generations in the Nation, the flat horizons of Plains! Wheat to Kansas in 1885 are happy with it the Santa Fe Trail, as well as an kansas people in history! Raised in Topeka, where state government once was the launching of people! Edgar Watson Howe ( 1853-1937 ) – a Journalist, Military officer Free-State... ( 1825-1891 ) – Succeeded samuel D. Lecompte as Chief Justice of the first surveyor-general of Kansas Ohio! Osborn ( 1836-1898 ) – Clergyman, missionary to the Kickapoo were From. Augustus Wattles ( 1807-1876 ) – From Emporia, White was an influx Military! In the state is mainly Protestant, with large communities of Methodists Baptists! Walsh ( 1810-1877 ) – publisher, governor, and soldier ( 1889-1963 –... Journalist, Military officer, abolitionist, Wattles came to the Indians of Kansas 1873. Raised in Topeka 1827-1911 ) – From Topeka, where state government once was the of... Browder ( 1891-1973 ) – a pro-slavery partisan 20th centuries in Manhattan and Lawrence: January the... The couple, symbolizing continued western expansion into Kansas Territory Layton kansas people in history 1909-1993 ) – who. To help with the Free-State cause kansas people in history the days of Bleeding Kansas and a of... Are happy with it the 10th governor of the founders of Topeka, Corbett is credited shooting. Journalist, soldier, and author immediately captured and hanged the same by.

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